Fake Money Circulating in Sioux Center

Several fake $20 bills have been discovered by a bank in Sioux Center. What’s described as Motion Picture money, it’s not necessarily counterfeit as it is printed by the entertainment industry to use as props in television and motion picture production.

Some of these props are well made reproductions, fooling many people who can’t see the difference.

There are some things to look for, however, if you are suspect. Some misspell “Secretary” in “Secretary of the Treasury”,  Andrew Jackson doesn’t look as stoic, some describing him as looking like he might cry. The most obvious phrase to look for is, “Motion Picture use Only”, usually printed on both sides, along with a warning saying the note is not legal.

The Sioux Center bills have this phrase in small print on the lower left of the face of the bill and other problems highlighted in the photo with this story. Take care to examine your $20 bills and contact authorities if you find you are in possession of any.