2019 Funding Announced for Lewis & Clark Water System

The Bureau of Reclamation announced that Lewis and Clark Regional Water System will receive a total $15 million in fiscal year 2019 for ongoing construction.  According to Troy Larson, Executive Director of the Lewis & Clark system, L&C needs to award two more projects for a combined close to 23 miles of pipeline between Sioux Center and the South Dakota side of the Big Sioux River.

One project is expected to be awarded in January and the other later in 2019.  Larson says depending on the bid prices, they are hopeful the FY19 funding will be enough to complete both pipeline projects. In addition to the pipeline, before water can be delivered through the line L&C will need to award contracts for a meter building at Sioux Center, water tower near Beresford and adding pumps to the Beresford pump station. These projects will be the first on the list for FY20.